Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Review: Secrets of a Side Bitch

Secrets of a Side Bitch Secrets of a Side Bitch by Jessica N. Watkins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A few... Spoilers... With my... Mad... Self!!

This book, is actually good. You know. But Simone is so annoying. God, she makes me not want to finish the other series. But I already know, I'm a want to continue the rest of the series. Bih, swear to God I just knew she was going to get killed while pregnant. The killer is either Simone, Ebony, or Ching friends. I'm telling you. I'm so irritated I hate reading books that has babies, children and teens involved. That gets hurt. I hate even reading women getting harm. I feel so bad for Omari. I already knew he loved that girl. He didn't want no bih thot Ass Simone. He don't want that hoe. He just wanted that cooch. I'm like what happen to the baby over and over. It never mention the flapping baby tf. Plus, I also felt bad for Tammi, I knew she was going to die anyway so or later. I swear I hope he don't end up with that psycho. But my mind already said he will ugh. That turkey neck ahh Simone annoys my soul.

P. S.
Capone, and Omari actually going to end up in that drug game hard watch especially after his women and I guess baby died. Oh yeah that freaking Ebony was ssoooooo annoying. And yesssss I'm glad his daughter, live thank God I'm over hear listening to this book like um hello did she live? Glad she did. (:

P. S. S

He better watch Simone, how he don't know she had something to do with it. Hmm idk something ain't right with Ebony (who was fake, sitting messing with Ayesha man) and Simone was I mean a psychopath and he so blind.
I feel like she's going to snitch on Omari.

I'm over here rolling my eyes and shaking my head like this ninja here. Smh...
And see what I mean I knew it, I figured she had something to do with Ayesha murder and not only Ayesha, Tammi murder. I swear to God, I hope they mope the floor with that weave of her psychopath ahh. Jesus. My head head hurt finishing this book. Because I was so annoyed. I hope Chance tell on her Ass. I swear I know I don't like snitches, Chance need to snitch on that hoe thot.

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