Thursday, February 16, 2017

Review: Pucked Off

Pucked Off Pucked Off by Helena Hunting
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[bookcover:Pucked Off|30340849] by [authorimage:Helena Hunting]

I received this as a ARC was provided for an honest review.

Few Spoilers... Here.. And there...

The thing about Lance is I think be needs to be love. He never had anyone to love and actually care about him. And the women he's associated with and sometimes he's team mates makes it hard for him. Because of the situations he put himself in. But he's like one of those kids that never feel like they are wanted in the world, and could never find love, or be loved by anyone. And why should I care. That's where Poppy comes in and that's where he's going to find love. I do wonder where's his mother in this situation. Usually the parents pop up every now and again. But I'm waiting on him to find out who she's really is (the girl he kissed in the closet). Damn book, got me hot lol. Got me running around like a chicken with its head off with Lance trying to figure out how he know her. And it's crazy how she doesn't want to tell him. How they know each other. I mentioned this today, about how people judge famous people when they don't kno them. Sit and assume and think they know them by different rumors they see or hear. He finally figured it lmao, he said “Shit. I knew I knew you. I used to pull your ponytail in the hall. You were the only other ginger in the school. Yes, finally. But I'm so glad that Poppy his stealing his mind because Tasha was messing with his mind bad. Like she had a root on him. He deserves love and Poppy going to give it to him GOOD. If Lance and Poppy had children they would have nothing but red babies. I mean red head babies.

But in one section of the book like 69% of the book. Where it mentions he (Lance) doesn't like being touch reminds me of Christian when he states he doesn't like being touch until he met Anastasia. Just as Lance met Poppy.

He says "I don’t know what the fuck is going on with Westinghouse and his girl"
I'm with him on that part because I don't know the deal with them either. They need a story next so we as readers would kno get deal with those two.

But I'm glad Lance story got told, I knew it was something behind the way he acted. But it's funny how his story only surrounded by him and Poppy. But the other guys story was everybody.

Awe, and they got married at the end :)

Ugh, Lance makes me want to get me a Scottish man. Like really? Lol

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