Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Review: The BillionWere

The BillionWere The BillionWere by Ellie Valentina
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There's a bunch of Spoilers... In the review....

The book, is actually good, I really don't know the genre to be exact. I assume it's between Paranormal Romance, with a little bit of Erotica too. I'm like Marlinda, here because I would've been just like here, I'm curious as heck. If I want to know something I gotta know. That's why I hate when someone say "I gotta tell you something", and never tell me. When she found out he was a wolf , lol like man ... That's something I tell you. I do wonder if his son is a wolf or maybe he just want to keep his son away from himself.

I was surprise well, no not really especially when he actually wasn't a wolf but he's actually a bear . I didn't see that one coming.

Lmao, when she gave the cab driver the dollar bill. I thought that was by far the funniest thing I heard of. The books I found and read always end up beginning hilarious in some parts. That cab driver, was mad as heck, who wouldn't be after driving you somewhere and get no pay. Yeah that one dollar wasn't no pay.

Bruh wtf, hell nah lmao. He was fusing at the rat omg that was hilarious. I see why he was cursing and scowling LMFAO. It was his best friend (butler) Winslow? I believe. Can't really say, since I'm listening to it on audible. When he turn back onto human form. She said he March pass her pecker swinging in the wind. And that he was scrawny and pitiful sight to see LMFAO.

Raul, is a worse some piece of shit. I was waiting patiently for Garret and Malinda to kill that evil wolf . I believe Raul was just jealous of Garrett and what he had from beginning probably before Garrett even killed his wife. Well actually he didn't kill his wife since she fell off the cliff charging at Garrett.

After, G butler tried to rape Malinda I didny hear anything else about him since lol. I wonder if he died with the rest of the house mates. Also, poor little Brandon, he been through hell and back, that freaking Raul bothering him. I like how Brandon got call him Young Master Brandon. He wasn't cocky at all.

But I do think he should've told his son about what he was instead of hiding it from him and look what happened. And lastly thank God Raul died. I knew it would be Malinda the one who killed him lol.

P. S. S

I like how she cared for Brandon as if he's her own.

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