Sunday, January 14, 2018

Review: Arrogant Master

Arrogant Master Arrogant Master by Winter Renshaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I actually enjoyed this book as I did part 1 with Bell’s sister Waverley.

Few spoilers.... Here and there...

I knew that Dane was truly in love with Bell even though he tried to fight it he was falling in love with her just as she was to him. This story reminds me of the fifty shades series, but it’s entirely different from fifty shades. It only relates to the Dom and the Sub. Winter Renshaw has not disappointed me as of yet with either of her books I have read. Even though it was 1 book I didn’t so much like, I did enjoy this series. Cannot wait to read the story with Dane brother Beck, though I did read a few pages of part 3 before I realized that I was reading book 3 instead of 2. 😄

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Review: Arrogant Bastard

Arrogant Bastard Arrogant Bastard by Winter Renshaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jensen was arrogant but he spoke the truth and didn’t give two ***** what anyone thought of him

•••••• There are a few spoilers I have mentioned inside in this review. So beware of a lot of spoilers throughout this book especially if you know you plan to read this book. ••••••••

This book was good I was not disappointed at all. I will say just like Jensen had mentioned that family was weird as fuck with their beliefs. It’s crazy how certain people believe this is what God wants for them and their children. And expect their children to follow their path and the beliefs they drill in their heads. I believe it is not right for a parent to marry off their daughter to some random guy of their (the parents choice). I am glad that Bells and Waverley ran off because I am like their father is tripping hard with those beliefs of his and bringing that creepy ass dude over to their house and Creeping his daughters out in the process. I figure that Jensen wasn’t listening to anything their father was saying. Plus his mother Kath is such an idiot seriously how she leaves one evil man for another man that is evil times two. Like Jensen said smh. This man (Mark) Bells and Waverley father had three wives they all were sister wives and had children by that man.

As I'm reading this book, I’m like what in the world is a “sister wife” so I’m searching google like “sister wives meaning” literally. As I am reading this book, I get to thinking I am sooooo this boy “Jensen” in this book because there’s no way. I would be living the way these people “the women and children “ in that house the first wife, in (the main house) the second wife (second house) and third wife in her( own house with her children) with so many flipping roles. Even bathroom rules. There’s no possible way I could live that way because I would have an attitude every day. The main guy character “Jensen mentioned “he literally will go to school with a beat up face (which his father gave him before he had to move with his mother, Kath). Because living there is boring. There’s No cable. No internet. No music. No transportation. And he loafed on Kath’s (his mom) sofa and stared at a wall for four hours that day between naps. If I was in that situation I am crying chanting take me to foster care please I prefer living that way rather than living like a caged animal at the list at eighteen in foster care you do have some freedom and don’t get married off. I can’t wait to read about Waverley sister Bellamy’s and Dane. Btw, I hope they get all their siblings away from their parents especially their father before they are entirely brainwashed. I hope through either book 2 or 3. It happens they end up removing both (female and male) sibling from that house of stupidity.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Review: Priceless

Priceless Priceless by Winter Renshaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Priceless #3 Amatos Brothers w/Rixton Falls 💜

In one of the books, I am not sure but I believe its the second book in the Amatos brothers it mentions that you don't have to read PRICELESS to read RECKLESS. But I think you should actually read Reckless first before you read Priceless. Because both the twin sisters story is so different from each other. And there are characters in Priceless that's was in Reckless. As a reader, you are going to be wondering who these men are that are in the book about Daphne. That was in the Reckless book with her sister Delilah. I know the author mentions you don't have to read Priceless if you already read Reckless. But you should like I said before.


Daphne, she is not to bad, but I didn’t like the fact she just randomly talks to random men she doesn’t know. Like girl what are you doing? I couldn’t blame Cristiano for coming to her rescue. She’s definitely a FREE spirited, I am free spirited myself, but that is not something I would do. Hm, but I do like this story, with both Daphne and Cristiano. I am with Daphne though when she thought that Joey was a guy, I assume it was a guy my darn self, I understood why she was upset. Both Daph and Cris both stay running from their problems instead of going towards it head on.

Also, I like how Cris is a male model romance cover guy for books. Towards the end but not quite there but Daphne always assuming things and then stop talking to Cristiano instead of asking him questions about what it meant. But I do believe myself as Daphne does that Cristiano is talking about Joey because I know he mentioned he was in love with her. No, my eyes weren’t telling no lies, may wear glasses but I remember lol!

Ugh, Daphne starting to get on my nerves all she does is RUN from Cristiano like ugh, cunt bucket he loves and wants you to swear cannot stand females like her. She is nothing like her sister Delilah like that conversation with Joey and Cris was one-sided. Ugh, I didn’t like the fact his mom told him to chase her he cared about her. I mean come on how much that boy has to do until she gets the stick out her ass before she realized he wants her and ONLY her. I felt like he shouldn’t even chase her let her dumb self-chase him. But knowing this series and this book he will be chasing her, to get her back and then happily ever after blah blah!

I’m still annoyed by her for running through instead of getting the full story smh she only her she loved him, and he always loved her. I never wanted to smack someone in a ROMANCE book. But Daphne I wanna slap her. Now he told her dumb ass who the journal was about now she feels real foolish. Just like last time she ran from him because she assumes he wanted Joey smh.

P.S. lord Daphne and Cristiano fuck like rabbits in this books. Every chapter it felt like they were screwing a hole through the mattress. Like take a breather will ya. I wonder if they’ll have twins or dang flipping triplets. At the end. But they didn’t, the ending was good I like how they adopted a child a daughter.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Review: Filthy

Filthy Filthy by Winter Renshaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Filthy was actually a good book I definitely enjoyed Zane and Delilah story. The storyline was really good, it had my attention from the beginning to the end. It’s weird because Delilah got herself a football player, and whereas her older two siblings (the woman, and the man, that they married is so different) from Zane. But it was hilarious that Zane, assume her family wouldn’t like him, because of his tattoos and money, he doesn’t realize that Delilah sister Demi man Royal has tattoos and Derek woman is wealthy. LOL, cannot wait to read the story with her twin sister Daphne because more likely he’s going to meet her family then, hope so cause I do want to know what will happen. Also, figure that he was falling in love with her, though she was too with him. And Carissa chick was definitely a headache. But I want a story with Wenson. I like him a lot.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Review: Bachelor

Bachelor Bachelor by Winter Renshaw
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bachelor #2
......................Hey, there are spoilers... In this BOOK! 0.0

I don’t know, but this book Bachelor wasn’t that interesting to me at all. Idk, I didn’t even like Derek story at all, but it was still interesting. Plus, I wanted him to use his toys on Serena lmao! Like I said id this book was dry or something, but I still can’t rate this book a 3 though So I’m in between a 4 or 5! Let’s see where the end leads first before I rate it! Plus, I'm here wishing this book ends already and REALLY hoping that the stories with his younger twin sisters are better than his because man I actually wanted to read this story so bad.

I’m a rate this book a 4, This story is good, but it’s not good I don’t know.

Hmm, hmm, she did tell Poppy all about Derek lord ham pickles and grapes. I get a feeling she’s going to tell Veronica or somebody. She set Serena up acting like she missed her. I’ll see towards the end if I am right! Plus, it’s not a surprise that Veronica puts Keir, Serena ex up to that to set her up when he went behind her back and sex her two friends. But I felt like if he was man enough, he could’ve told that lady no. If you loved somebody, you wouldn’t do what someone else says to hurt the one person you love. Men, I tell you. #SMH!

Btw: like I said I figured Poppy was going to tell the TMZ news or whatever about Serena having sexual relationships-with her attorney. Like, girl, you cannot tell people everything everybody is not your friend all she had to do will spill a lie or two with the different guy name damn one day she went into the city look at what happened.

How can Serena slap Derek heck I am mad too she actually seduced him he kept pushing her away. But sometimes you keep pushing you to cave in after while if you like a person. She knew what she was doing, I hope he doesn’t lose his dang flipping job over some ***.

It’s also funny how their dad stays disapproving about the person that his children meet or get involved with or have known since childhood and then, later on, he has a change of heart. I can tell both Demi and Derek dad is very judgmental and realize his mistakes. I cannot wait until I read Daphne and Delilah's story see how their dad be with the twins when they bring the person around they love because he stank face with Demi when it came to Royal and Derek and Serena.

P.S. I thought the ending was very cute and good. 1. Glad Derek won full custody of Haven. 2. Serena Socket it to Veronica and she didn’t get an ounce of Serena dad money.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Review: Misadventures of a Virgin

Misadventures of a Virgin Misadventures of a Virgin by Meredith Wild
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thought this story was really cute. I liked both June and Kase, plus their names fit well together, and I also figure...

Hold on.... few spoilers. After this.

I also figured that June was going to end up pregnant and it’s crazy how both their parents (we ’ll, Kase uncle) and June dad hold that grudge for all those years over a woman. In actuality, June father shouldn’t have gotten mad with Kase uncle because for one the woman he married didn’t want him to begin with she just ran from Kase uncle but end the end that is who she actually wanted. Though I am glad that June father was finally gotten the stick out of his butt to allow June and Kase to be together in the end, which his uncle didn’t care one bit if they fell in love or not. Also, it’s cute that she found Love in Kase, though she was a virgin she still loved and cared for her in the end. Sometimes it is hard to find that love when you are virgin because most men want what no one has ever had, also even those who have gotten someone still don’t. But towards the end the story I felt like it was a drag for some reason lol. Ugh, but it was still a good book, and it didn’t take me long actually to finish.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Review: Hooking Up

Hooking Up Hooking Up by Helena Hunting
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lexington and Amie


Lord, I knew that Armstrong was a prick even in the Shacking Up book with his cousin Bane and Amrie bestie friend Ruby. And was even more of a prick in this book. He was one annoying man, with his little package having self. I believe he was highly jealous of Lexington and wanted what Lex had or has, even Amie. Which he got but lost because he couldn’t keep his Vienna sausage size pickle in his pants. Lord knows I felt Amie deserved better than him especially when he cheated on her on their wedding day, and tried to blame Lexington for his own mistakes when it was not Lex who ruin his (Armstrong) and Amie wedding 👰 🎩. I was glad Lex gave Amie what she wanted. Plus I was like them Mills Brothers knows how to work it lol. Anyways this story was really good I was not disappointed and cannot wait for part 3 to come out about Amie brother Pierce 😁

Btw: Lexington is a city name lol, and the city I actually wanted to move to lol! I am from Virginia, and Lexington is in the mountains ⛰ and I love the mountains ⛰

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