Saturday, April 20, 2019

Review: Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire Playing with Fire by Emma Doherty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really good but Sophia one dumb chick

•••••I mention some spoilers in this review, and couldn’t help but speak my mind**•••••

Sophie is smh... it’s so many women that’s like her.... & some women/girls want a guy like Mark... I wanted to smack her silly. Reading this book. After reading the other book with her friend Olivia... have me thinking Mark is/was stupid... for even giving her another chance... because once she saw that Garrett was horrible and gotten caught a second time she felt some way. Then going to be upset when Mark started dating that girl Jenna... I didn’t blame Mark.

For one; yes he on the rebound, but Sophia gutted him; I tried saying hurt him with ed at the end but autocorrect kept saying gutted. But like I said she hurt him so bad not once; but twice more, than two times because she kept ignoring his text messages... because she assumes she wanted Garrett. What her idiot self didn’t realize was maybe Whitney was more than likely pretending and also Garrett probably only wanted to make her jealous. You could tell her (Sophia) didn’t care about what Benji her (Sophia) brother thought of him (Garrett) hitting on his sister.

But what I can agree on; is when it came to Garrett, he stated Sophia kept coming on to him and flirting which was true. I blame them both because for one she knew he was a grown ass man and he knew she was only 16 turning 17... she was underage, and he was like twenty-one... he didn’t care. Mark should’ve punched him (Garrett) too, hell right after Benji punches him (Garrett). You could tell Garrett knew what he was doing.... when it came to Benji sister... like boy bye you could’ve said NO... plus; I die of laughter when she realize Garrett kisses suck 😂😂😂 I was like she should’ve stuck with Mark the “teenager” you kept dissing for a “grown man” aka “sloppy kisser”.... It was priceless. She felt so stupid after what happened. I was like welp Livi tried to tell your butt; even wack ass Jessie.... gosh I could tell he was horrible in this book too but more so in the book with Livi... but anyways I’m off topic...

What I do want to know .... was... did Mark taken Sophia back because the one with Livi they were talking and stuff and getting all close I wanted to know more like the book one (w/Livi & Chase) did versus this one. Mark was a good guy; often more likely we all need guys like him. I be telling people (I know this is fiction) that women cheat too; what I realize both Livi and Sophia cheated on two of the guys who actually cared about them and ONLY felt stupid once they were caught. I highly doubt either of them would’ve felt bad if they didn’t get caught. But what was in my head when Garrett was kissing Sophia I kept thinking he was going to rape her or something by how he was acting while kissing her. But in the end, I was happy he left... I can’t say it was a happy ending in this book, but it was good though... I should’ve read this before the “Stand-In Boyfriend” but oh well!

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Review: Meeting #TheRealCinderella

Meeting #TheRealCinderella Meeting #TheRealCinderella by Yesenia Vargas
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Could’ve been longer.., to short in my opinion. Though I’ve read “The Real Cinderella”... Jessie point of view could’ve been longer or something.

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Review: The Stand-In Boyfriend

The Stand-In Boyfriend The Stand-In Boyfriend by Emma Doherty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fake boyfriend = real boyfriend

•••Spoilers throughout this review••••

Lord the girl Livi aka Olivia I wanted to smack her so many times it wasn’t even funny. Like omg; her obsession with her best friend was over the top and ridiculous like Jheeze... All you see was Jessie this Jessie that. Jessie; Jessie, Jessssiee a thousand times like good lord. & I knew in my mind that Chase liked Olivia that’s why he did the fake boyfriend thing with her because he knew that was the only option he had to get to her... which I can agree on because lord Livi was in LOVE with Jessie so hard! Every single thing blinded her... plus; she was dumb a lot of times especially when Jessie was using her and taking advantage of her and being disrespectful to her and especially when Charlotte wait that isn't her name I think it was Courtney if not whatever I didn’t like her anyway.

But anywho; Jessie was just a horrible person, but when Chase got loud with her she was butt *** hurt when he mentions her father ... I was like this girl here...smh then felt some type of way when she gotten caught by Chase when she was kissing Jessie not once did she ever tell him Jessie kissed her at the game! But in my mind, I think Chase seen that part because he tends to watch her a lot! I wanted her peanut brain to realize that Chase was never pretending, but it never happens until Chase didn’t want to deal with her dumb self anymore. I was like lord girl...... & when Chase told her that he was faking boy she was but hurt I was like oh well you freaking idiot.... you wanted Jessie; Jessie Jessie way you mad for... like Gosh! She was annoying! Chase was way better, and he was someone that Jessie was not! Plus Chase knew how horrible Jessie treated her. Not only that I figure out he didn’t like him due to the fact of how he treated Olivia... Chase definitely didn’t like Jessie... but Jessie started hating Chase once Livi wasn’t there for his beck and call. I still said that’s why he so butted her; but when someone else came in the picture that when Jessie dumb self-thought he could go in and take Olivia way. I still said that he set that kissing in his bedroom up so that Chase can find out. Plus; in the end, I’m glad that Chase and Livi kissed and made up and that Abigail apologizes to both Livi and her friend Hallie...

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Review: Dear Adam

Dear Adam Dear Adam by Kelsie Stelting
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pen Pal use to be a thing; that I still think is great

*Spoilers throughout this review;***••••

I can’t get over Emerick niece no cousin reading that romance book with the shirtless dude on the front; and she’s only ten ... I don’t know why I find it hilarious. But gah 😂😂😂 it reminds me of my niece trying to read books she knows she shouldn’t be reading; lol!

I died laughing when Emerick said “I glanced back at Janie, her nose already buried in some book with a shirtless man on the cover. She was only ten. What the hell did she want to do with a book like that?” 😂😂 I was thinking the same thing like what the what... her mom even knew she was reading it too. I’m dead weak!

Plus; I was glad when Nora got rid of Trey; he was just horrible. I was also glad he stopped coming around and both her parents realize how awful he was. Did that terrible thing to her over a breakup that to me I felt like he only did it for “it couple” like he stated. Like ugh; Emerick aka Adam was so right for Nora as she was to him. I still felt like she could’ve apologized for what she said about him only knowing how to fix cars etc. you can never judge a book by its cover. Because the ones you think are beneath you are way better than those who are just like you. I was just glad that Nora realizes that and Emerick realize that Nora was a snob etc.... Emerick deserves that certificate he, and I like how he also helped his friend Wolf realize he could do better for himself. I didn’t realize this book was going to be good; just by looking at the cover... but this book was grade A 5-star book. I like it; I liked that no one judge him well they did because they assume he was a black kid... but what I did like was at least her family accepted him even though he was a black boy and she was a white girl. Because often parents don’t accept two different races being together.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Review: #TheBoyfriendDare

#TheBoyfriendDare #TheBoyfriendDare by Yesenia Vargas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


****Yes, there will be a few or a lot of spoilers in this review****

Okay! Ian got on my nerve for 1.5 seconds well more than that. I wanted to slap him because of how he treated Selena... especially when the rumors happen about him, and Bethany was getting back together (in my Taylor Swift voice)... & then what happened a homecoming... I was like no he didn’t know when he was the one to drag Lena into that FAKE relationship and told her he didn’t want Bethany anymore...

At that point I was like Ian better apologize to Lena; and that he did with that text at 3ish in the morning! I was glad he and Selena had that talk and both admitted their truths about wanting to be together and it not being a fake relationship anymore. & with Ian confessing his true feelings about always liking her... I was like about time. & at the end, I was like yasss. It’s going to be a story about Rey, I been looking for that book too. But found out her story coming soon which I can’t wait. I am counting down these days with also checking the author group on FB!!!

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Review: #GoodGirlBadBoy

#GoodGirlBadBoy #GoodGirlBadBoy by Yesenia Vargas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


***Spoilers here and there****

This book was good wasn’t irritated or anything. I liked Harper and Emerson story. I figured he was going to come around sooner or later. I think when you have family or grown into a family that gets into trouble or have been locked up often the kids follow their parent's footsteps; then the younger siblings follow the siblings... I believe if it wasn’t for Harper Emerson wouldn’t have become a better person. Also; Mr. Roberts made him a better person too (well more so with that letter) before he died. Harper friends were telling her how Emerson was, but they also realize that both Harper and Emerson cared for one another, so they were there for her regardless of Emerson being there and him walking away that’s what you call true friends.... but in the end, I’m glad that Emerson went and got his girl ❤️

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Review: #LoveToHateThatBoy

#LoveToHateThatBoy #LoveToHateThatBoy by Yesenia Vargas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

#HateThatBoy = to love ❤️

*** Spoilers? Umm just a few!!!!****

Okay, so I enjoyed this book as well as I did the first book. Like this first book; I also read this one in two days. I love books where it doesn’t take me a long time to read it because that’s how good it be and your attention stays on the book page after page.

I know one thing; I was glad Tori didn’t care what others think of her and Noah though she didn’t want anyone to find out about them because of nationals. But in reality, people already figured it out. Not much you can hide from friends etc. plus; Gary was hating on Noah because Noah was more of a man and better person than he was to Tori…

Not only that her mom was a horrible person towards both her daughters I was glad when Tori kept telling her mom off and telling her how she felt. Because in the end, her mom realizes she was wrong and gotten help for it, and she also apologizes to her children and their father going to be home more. I always say no matter how much money someone has their family home isn’t always greater than the person who has less. But if you look at it, Noah and Tori were one and the same because both their parents and parent was horrible at some point until they learn to play nice and get their selves together. Plus I was glad that Tori finally told Krista off that chick was so bitter and jealous of Tori she tried to ruin a lot for her and the cheerleaders but still got dusted in the end because no one cares about her too much. What a waste…..

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