Saturday, March 25, 2017

Review: Bad Boys Need Love Too

Bad Boys Need Love Too Bad Boys Need Love Too by Christa Tomlinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I won this book, last year (or was in back in 2015) hmmm I forgot, but the author gave me the full series since she skips by my name so how. I am glad of that because I get to read all three books :) I enjoy this book, but it's so weird reading about two men doing the mc nasty lol. But I prefer two men over two women lol. That's just me. I have read M.M. Romance before so I have no problem with it. What made me laugh was my mom when I ask her what she thought the characters were in this book two men or man and women, and she said "two men, " and I reply to her "yes," and she asked me what am I doing reading a book about two men. And my answer was the above ^^^ answer about what I said about two women. Anyways, I knew Joseph was going to give Gage that booty. :D" I'm like why Joseph don't poke Gage. Gage is only poking him lol. I'm here like maybe Joey is the girly and Gage is the boy!! lol . But as I am gotten further in the book, Joseph finally got to sex Gage, :D and Gage had never done it before he always been on top. In one area of the book, I got hype when Gage fought that man for calling Joey a fag lol. I'm like he knew better. Gage don't play about his Joey. Lol. Beat the stupid out of him. Lol. This book was so funny omg, Joseph and Gage are some funny dudes lol, I was cracking up throughout this LOOOOOOONG book. Lol, Yes, it was long <<< lol. Jesus I never had in my freaking life ever read a book with 80 chapters Jesus. I am glad that it was worth it in the end. I can't wait to read the next book to this series about Gage best friend, Nate.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Review: Clipped Wings

Clipped Wings Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Clipped Wings 4Sure!!!!

[bookcover:Clipped Wings|18344534] by [authorimage:Helena Hunting]

(Could be some spoilers)

I enjoyed this book no doubt, but listen lol Tenley was getting on my last nerve because she was pushing Hayden away. How can she be mad at him for what she asked him for she wanted to know about his past? With his parents and then with Sienna drugs and other stuff. But her bean pie head *** haven't told him about her beginning married, I meant engaged and was on her way to her wedding and that her fiance died. He only knows little about that plane accident not the dull reason behind the crash.

She's so afraid that he will leave her, but she's pushing him away. And keeping secrets, especially about Conner. I'm, I was hoping Trey popped up so that Hayden could find out about Conner. And damn if he didn't lol. I knew Trey annoying self-was were going to pop up at her apartment and spill the beans finally lol. I'm like yes, yes all of the secrets you kept heifer. Done finally got out. She can't blame Hayden for beginning to upset. But Trey is a horrible person, you can tell by reading about him. Crazy how he blames her for his family death acting like her friends Nx family didn't die too. The plane crashing wasn't her fault. Trey is one bitter ass fool. If he were a real person, I'd hate to be his woman.
He (Trey) deserved that hit in the face with his evil self. Hilarious lol.

Aw, Hayden going to go get his woman :D yass, boy boy get your girl. lol, I got excited when he grab his keys and walk out his home. He's like F shit **** lol. THAT's MINEs lol. I can't wait to read part two to this series I know it's going to be as good as part 1.

P. S. S
Sooo, Hayden is emo <3 why do I want to see a picture of the character guy lol. Ugh, this need to be a movie lol. I should've known her was emo with all the piercing, tattoos, and hair.

Clipped Wings
Helena Hunting

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Review: Low

Low Low by Mary Elizabeth
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

Dude this book was good. It had taken me awhile to finish.

I think they would've gotten away if Posey wouldn't have walk in the bank when he was about to walk out and get shot. And then after her tail get shot she removes her ski-mask like really girl? Then he does the same thing when he sees she got shot smh. Now they're on the run, and people knows their faces."

The second time was when he took her to shoot, and they almost got caught, her tail wanting to explore and stuff that what messed them up.

The third time, was when that female thought she was going to get that reward she lucky Lowen didn't blow her head off. Lol.

As it got to the ending with his foot is on the pedal I'm like omg they're going to die:0, but then I'm like did they die? The ending had me lost, so I will assume that Lowen and Posey died. I didn't want them to do that was so sad. They were Bonnie and Clyde in this book for real. I thought it was cute that they died together. The policemen suck lol they had Lowen in their possession and still didn't get him, and all those people were standing out there to watch what will happen to them. it was crazy to even have kids out there. Very weird but I enjoy this, but it was worth reading even though it was a bit slow in the beginning.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: Learning Theories: An Educational Perspective [with eText Access Code]

Learning Theories: An Educational Perspective [with eText Access Code] Learning Theories: An Educational Perspective [with eText Access Code] by Dale H. Schunk
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had to read this book for my "Learning Theory & Portfolio Development" class. This book was hardly used truth be told, but we had to read it for our class. Also, I did had to use it for two of my assignments. I can say that much, it did give out and pointed out useful information when it comes to children/students. I liked the book. Absorbing.

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Review: American Government: Institutions and Policies, Brief Version

American Government: Institutions and Policies, Brief Version American Government: Institutions and Policies, Brief Version by James Q. Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had to read this for my American Government class. It gave some good information, and I learn a lot from reading it. Also, help with some of my assignments that were needed for my class.

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Review: Kingpin Wifeys Season 3 Part 5: The Beginning of the End

Kingpin Wifeys Season 3 Part 5: The Beginning of the End Kingpin Wifeys Season 3 Part 5: The Beginning of the End by K. Elliott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kingpin Wifeys #5 review

This book was crazy. This book got me like BRUH?

Few Spoilers....

I can't believe Starr stupid self-left well (technically they wasn't together) but picked Q over Stunna and married Q. I'm looking at this book like whyyyy????

I hope in book six seasons 3 Stunna and Shamari don't die man. That is going to hurt my feeling out of the men in this series that didn't die they're my favorites.

I can't wait until I read what Monti has to tell Starr stupid self, plus I hope this time Daniel's get killed because man he's annoying.

A headache plus he killed Black. And IDK what is up with Black dad, he got me hot. Shooting at Shamari.

And Ava is pregnant. And Jada wants to kill her with Mario help. I hate when Babies get harmed. And Shamari is going to be mad if Jada kills his child.

I think he needs to tell her (Jada) "that Ava is pregnant before it's too late.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Review: Kingpin Wifeys: Crown my Ass

Kingpin Wifeys: Crown my Ass Kingpin Wifeys: Crown my Ass by K. Elliott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is Wild... The ending is always shocking like seriously.

Few Spoilers... In the KINGPIN.....

I hope Shamari doesn't to back to Jada. She sees he has a good thing; now she wants him back. It's funny how the person you've dated would leave you, and when they see you happy and with someone else, they realize they've messed up and decided they want you back. I call bull crap. And one, Starr bouts to get on my last nerve, how she's not going to date Stunna, Ugh! Q ol' wack self is messing around with Shanaynay again. If he REALLY wanted Starr back he wouldn't mess with Shantelle; man body build self lol. Ugh... Like Starr run away from Q, get a StunNA. That man in LOVE YOU.

One, Shamari better not die. I'm a be mad now. Already took Black out the picture can't take it if Shamari gets murdered. Shoot.

I don't know why Tete did what she did to Stunna smh. I swear to you, I think he's going to find out she had something to do with his package getting stolen and B.C. getting killed. She dirty just for doing that and keeping a straight face while talking to him so that she can get him on with her smh.

This book 3 is crazy wow, I think Q the one who killed Shantelle IDC what anyone says. I knew he had something to do with Trey murder. He's fake as hell. Because one he ain't loyal not only to Trey, and Starr but Fresh too. Smh. I hope someone off Daniel's he's starting to irk me so bad. He the one that killed Black. I bet Stunna can off him. And Shantelle got killed, well Jada can hump booties with her no more LMFAO. But I hope Jada don't get killed by Tete, but knowing this series and how it play off she probably die. Nothing better not happen to Shamari and Stunna though I'm a be mad.

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