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Review: Hoodlum

Hoodlum Hoodlum by K'wan
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Hoodlum by K'wan by K'wan

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I had no doubts about this book I knew it was going to be good, once I started reading, and I had high hopes for Swan, Shai, and Gater, and bruh Gater got killed like tf. Dude, all three of them, would’ve been some beast in the streets[But then I'm like hmm, he sounds familiar though, he couldn't died because of how his part ended]. Also, I finally got to read how Shai dad died, and what happened with his brother Tommy, who I thought was a straight idiot, he definitely messed up his father business and got half of everybody killed including his father. And man when I read that part that was some sad **** I got a little teary eyed reading it especially when Tommy saw his father laid out in the streets, and when Shai pulled up and seen his dad, like dang.

Also, I know people are going to be like REALLY and some other stuff, but listen lol, NO lie to you, I swear I thought Shai and his family was Italian from reading the other books that they are in lmao. SMH! Just because of the “spaghetti eating comments.

Lastly, I don’t hate Shai as much as I did at first since I read his story. Also, I felt like if nothing happened to his father or Tommy. I think he wouldn’t have gotten into the drug business, it’s funny how no one looks at Shai and being the one to watch. Like um, I knew he was going to lethal, a problem, dude, is actually street smart, and book smart, he thinks things through before acting, unlike his brother. But UGH, I’m still tight about that Gater situation!!!!!!

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