Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Review: Beauty & the Baller

Beauty & the Baller Beauty & the Baller by Abbi Hemp
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Beauty & the Baller by Abbi Hemp by Abbi Hemp

Austin and Heather's story was interesting, they both had their updates and downs. I knew that Grace lady and that doctor was a bit shady. I think she was kind of jealous that Heather was dating Austin. If she were a TRUE friend of Austin, she wouldn't have fired, Heather. I believe he hired that guy to video them, idc what anyone says. Also, I don't know if this book is erotic or romance both in one because half the time they both was busy getting they freak on. Throughout the book.

And end the end Austin did remove his scars after his children went away to college. I like how Heather liked him regardless of his scars. it's also interesting that the author added Patty and Brett story at the end, I knew they were going to get together I was glad when she FINALLY left that abusive husband of here's reading this book and the parts about Patty, had me thinking about the research paper on "violence against women" I am doing for my administration of justice class

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