Sunday, January 15, 2017

Review: Reconstructed

Reconstructed Reconstructed by Tasha Black
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Reconstructed (Building a Hero, #1) by Tasha Black by Tasha Black

Not sure what the book was really about even when I read the description lol. But my guess that it's about the guy Westley being a hero and falling in love with Cordelia. Even though Wes is stubborn he learns to be nice to Cordelia and her siblings and save the kid Shawn from the bad guy (mind you I don't even remember the guy name). It's not even a bad thing cause I don't care to remember lol. But end the end the book is actually good. I can't wait to check out book two. This my first time hearing about this author and reading her book. I thought the book was about a man being some type of animal or maybe a guy with like armor body. But I guess Wes accident was similar to my guess.

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The (#title) reminds me of the #disney movie "How To Build a Better boy'' (

Reconstructed by Tasha Black

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