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Review: Forks, Book Two

Forks, Book Two Forks, Book Two by A.E. Davis
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Forks, Book Two by A.E. Davis by A.E. Davis

Forks #2

Alert ⚠ Spoilers Alert!. Maybe!

Omg this girl "Amber" is so naive, like omg how dumb can you be? Like Viktor is a vampire and his twin sister, not sure what Vincent is as of yet! But the guys from La Push are werewolves, the sign even says no vampire allowed. She even read Twilight and still didn't get it like b'
This girl in this book is stressing me out!

I really don't understand how Amber, could get mad at Vincent and Glinda. She's the one who couldn't pick between two brothers. And to me, it seems like she likes Viktor more than Vincent. But she should know by now that Glinda and Vincent kissed before as to my knowledge from the first book.

P. S. S.

Dude, lol I finally finish this book. Like I'm confused lol the ending had me like what? I can't wait to read part 3 whenever that comes out. Hopefully, the author will let us readers know. I was saying to myself is Victor dead or nah?. And I do wonder if Lucky and his people from LA Push are werewolves. And also I do wonder if Glinda and the rest of the people are freaking vampires because I truly don't know. I hope in the next book the author let Amber idiot self-find out lol. I kept fussing while reading this book. And it stressful because I REALLY wanted to know what Kirk wanted to tell Amber. It's felt like I was running around with Amber (like a chicken with its head cut off) "trying to figure out what's the deal is with everyone in that town.

Lastly, I think Ken may be a werewolf of some sort I cannot put my finger on it for sure. But I do want Amber to be smarter in the next book. She's making my head hurt. For how dumb she is wit all the signs that people are giving and around her
I felt like she's in denial and doesn't wanna believe anything. And what's up with the animals in the woods. I bet it Lucky or one of his people.

Forks, Book Two by A.E. Davis

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