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Review: Dirty Red

Dirty Red Dirty Red by Vickie M. Stringer
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Dirty Red by Vickie M. Stringer by Vickie M. Stringer


Spoilers Alert!!! ALERT!

(I'm dying she said "n**** played me for a book, a damn book must be good" and ew she nasty "Red" poop and feed that man her turd. Lord she wrong for that one. And Idk why Q want Red she def dirty as ever. I cannot wait until she gets caught in her schemes. I feel bad for Q. she doesn't deserve him. Plus, I'm waiting on Bacon to get out.)

To be honest!

Red, is the type of female that you can't trust, I get and feel why Bacon wants to kill Red, could you blame him? But Q being in the middle is not good at all smh. I really like Q foreal, he a good dude. And him being in between Bacon and Red crap will get him hurt. I can't wait to get part 2 and also part 3, I finally gotten around to actually getting this book since I've been wanting to read this in like forever, at first I didn't want to finish this book but after a couple of chapters I'm like this book is actually good, I gotta finish it. Glad I did.


Bruh, "that mutha***** piss on me" lmao now that had me weak. Lord! I knew Q wasn't going to leave Red. Smh, I feel like he's too good of a man for her like seriously. Leave that girl alone Q dang! Like Bell Devoe said "she's so fly, she'll drive you right out of your mind, steal your heart when you're blind, beware she's scheme she'll make you think you're dreaming, that girl is POISON!" and that is what Raven aka RED definitely is smh. And what makes it even worse his friend Zeek tap that and I cannot help but sing poison, like Bell Devoe said "me and the crew used to do her". Yeah, Q and his boy defiantly did her humph.


One sad thing about this book was when Red got kicked in her stomach and lost her baby that mess even hurt me and when Terri tried to steal her ex and Kira baby smh, I felt so bad for that baby, anything dealing with kids hurt my heart.

Dirty Red by Vickie M. Stringer

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