Friday, December 30, 2016

Review: I Am the Mission

I Am the Mission I Am the Mission by Allen Zadoff
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I Am the Mission (The Unknown Assassin, #2) by Allen Zadoff by Allen Zadoff

[There are a few Spoilers (Maybe) Don't read if you don't want to know! ]

I knew this book was going to be as good as book one, I had a feeling, I didn't want to stop reading, got annoyed when people kept stopping me from reading it, lol. I think Mike is trying to help "Boy Nobody" in helping him get Howard back; I hope nothing happens to him. I'm tight. I do think Howard should've listened to Zack when he told him to leave, none of this would've happened. I knew Lee was going to get GOT! Sooner than later, and sister went fell off the building like girl? Whet? You a fool for that one and your daddy had you and your brother brainwash. I wouldn't fault their mother for leaving; they were trying to harm the country like these territories trying to do in the real world. We need folks like that who can stop these type of people. Especially individuals who are killing innocent people.

But I love this book, it awesome. But anyways, I don't blame (Zack) I guess that's his actual real name. For putting the chip back inside of him to save Howard. I hope Howard don't die, I'm a be so mad lol because that's Zack only TRUE friend; I'm hoping in book three that "boy nobody" finally gets out of "The Program" Mother and Father are annoying that boy been through hell and back for him to be 16 sheesh.

I Am the Mission by Allen Zadoff

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