Saturday, May 20, 2017

Review: Crush

Crush Crush by Lacey Weatherford
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It Was Not A Crush Like Hunter Dylan Boy Said LOL

Wow, Wow,
Not many spoilers but there some like AGE, NAMES, etc.
Okay now, I was surprised but closer to the end when he got the job at the theater I Knew something was up when Russ got poison. I figure that was meant for Hunter (also know as Dylan) hmm. I was wondering how old is was he's 21 I thought he was in his 20s because he wouldn't go further than a KISS. I was about to get mad though, because RUSS, I figured he was going to die, tsk tsk, but he didn't but in the beginning though. I knew Clay did something to the Jordan kid, because of how it happen and what happen, and in the end, he still didn't get his best friend what an idiot.


I didn't know "Hunter" aka Dylan Hunter Wilcock was a Police officer, but I knew it had something to do with DRUGS though after I got half way through the book. And, the Clay kid try to rap his own best friend at the end, and like she said "if he cared and loved her as he said, he wouldn't have tried to rape her. (if he would have she would've been messed up her whole life, not only by that but the dreams and things with the Jordan boy dying in front of her, and also the situation with Russ. Lastly, I do wonder if Hunter will see Russ I wanted to know.

And aww's he finna lose his badge just to be with her (Dylan is a 21-year-old and a cop, and she was 17 at the time, tsk ion like the mess like that, but it's understandable with the situation he was in, but she's now 18). IDC, I thought Hunter and Cami, the story is so cute awe's like Ion like teenagers and adult dating, but before his age came out. and her being 17 at the time until she turns 18, I still think their story is so cute aww www, if she didn't forgive him for keeping those secrets from her I was going to be upset foreal, lol.! But anyways, this story (Crush ) by Lacey Weatherford was REALLY good; I've wanted to read this story for awhile, I hope to read book 2 and three soon.

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