Monday, June 5, 2017

Review: Third Base

Third Base Third Base by Heidi McLaughlin
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Third Base by Heidi McLaughlin by Heidi McLaughlin

Few spoilers here and there, I owned Third Base and got this book through Worth having to because the storyline is good, and not only that, but I am a basketball fan "I am a Yankees" fan, and it's funny how Ethan hated the Yankees because they kept losing against them hilarious. Also, I just love reading sports books. These types of books interest me, make me want a baseball player, but these famous sports players are on this thotism lol.

I enjoyed Third Base it was really good. And the thing is, in the beginning, once I first started reading this book, I am like Daisy that basketball blogger lol. Who kept being at Ethan and the rest of the players. I am like how Ethan does not know this, and when they went to that run-down house by his mentor and came home, he finally found out because she left her phone in the car. I'm like a dang girl, that what you get for rushing into the house, lol but one sad part about the book was when her grandfather died, she had no one. After him, but in the end she had Ethan, he LOVED her to forgive her for what she did. And lastly, I wanted to know to know more about his mentor Bainbridge and his wife; I am like ooooh I bet she is bagging the Jacob batter or whatever he is the guy and got the nerve to say her husband cheating who knows maybe she started it! Or maybe he started it. I am like let Him have her STEVIE lol I mean Steve. Lol, I am going to look at the other two books to see if one of those stories about Steve Bainbridge, but this story was good.

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