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Review: Clipped Wings

Clipped Wings Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting
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Clipped Wings 4Sure!!!!

[bookcover:Clipped Wings|18344534] by [authorimage:Helena Hunting]

(Could be some spoilers)

I enjoyed this book no doubt, but listen lol Tenley was getting on my last nerve because she was pushing Hayden away. How can she be mad at him for what she asked him for she wanted to know about his past? With his parents and then with Sienna drugs and other stuff. But her bean pie head *** haven't told him about her beginning married, I meant engaged and was on her way to her wedding and that her fiance died. He only knows little about that plane accident not the dull reason behind the crash.

She's so afraid that he will leave her, but she's pushing him away. And keeping secrets, especially about Conner. I'm, I was hoping Trey popped up so that Hayden could find out about Conner. And damn if he didn't lol. I knew Trey annoying self-was were going to pop up at her apartment and spill the beans finally lol. I'm like yes, yes all of the secrets you kept heifer. Done finally got out. She can't blame Hayden for beginning to upset. But Trey is a horrible person, you can tell by reading about him. Crazy how he blames her for his family death acting like her friends Nx family didn't die too. The plane crashing wasn't her fault. Trey is one bitter ass fool. If he were a real person, I'd hate to be his woman.
He (Trey) deserved that hit in the face with his evil self. Hilarious lol.

Aw, Hayden going to go get his woman :D yass, boy boy get your girl. lol, I got excited when he grab his keys and walk out his home. He's like F shit **** lol. THAT's MINEs lol. I can't wait to read part two to this series I know it's going to be as good as part 1.

P. S. S
Sooo, Hayden is emo <3 why do I want to see a picture of the character guy lol. Ugh, this need to be a movie lol. I should've known her was emo with all the piercing, tattoos, and hair.

Clipped Wings
Helena Hunting

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