Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Review: The Other Brother

The Other Brother The Other Brother by Brandon Massey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can't understand why he came at Gabriel instead of coming at his father I mean he's father was the one who messed with his mama. Smh jealousy is a mother I tell you. But this was a good book I listen to it on audible but I do prefer reading a book because I can understand it better. Dude who is the narrator made it funny though. Lol but the ending part where he made dude leave was dumb like what man gone let another man make them leave while with there women smh what a loser. But what was funny was when he told the girl that he rather do push-ups then mess with her again that's so wrong . I can tell I don't like Isaiah but he's hilarious. But what weird is Gabriel and Isaiah having dreams and visions etc about each other . Only thing I don't understand is to me it feels like this story is missing something. It was good though. And the ending where they found out they were twins were a shocker to me. And even though Isaiah made me sick it sucked that he died. Then Gabe had twins. Lol like wow but I don't know why I thought Isaiah was gone pop up somewhere lol. But I understand why Isiah felt that way because assume his father didn't want him I think it'll been better if they told them

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